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Clipperton, the french sentinel island 🇬🇧

© Stéphane Dugast / Zeppelin

Title : Clipperton the French sentinel island
Speaker: Stéphane Dugast
Thematic: exploration, adventures, island, environment, oceans…
Support: Photos, videos and readings
Format: 1 hour 30
Targets: General public, businesses, institutions, schools, associations


Head to the heart of the Pacific and one of the last deserted islands in the world: Clipperton. An atoll owned by France since 1931 yet at the forefront of the climate disturbances of our planet. A stone of the French republic neglected and abandoned for now a sentinel island, witness of the changes of our planet (climate, pollution, overfishing…).

It’s an island I visited three times despite its isolation.

Realized on the occasion of the mission Passion 2015, a complete report by Stéphane Dugast to see on the website of the Press Agency Zeppelin > 


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